Why Cheap Banners Cost More in the Long Run

Outdoor advertising has always been the part of successful advertising campaigns. Banners used for the out door advertising of the product are the main representative of the product being advertised. Companies invest huge amounts for their outdoor advertising campaigns. 2m wide roller banner

Since the banners are the only representative of the product in outdoor advertising, they affect the image and communication of the brand to a great extent. Customers tend to judge the quality of the brand with that of the quality of the banner. To ensure the proper positioning of the product renowned brands make use of quality banners. Though the quality of the banner makes it expensive but it ensures the effective and long lasting communication benefits.

Cheap banners may give cost benefits initially but with the passage of time these cost benefits result into losing customer base thus profit. The first and the worst case is that the customer tends to associate the quality of the banner with that of product. Cheap banners are designed by saving the design and development cost associated with the banner manufacturing. Companies offering cheap banners make use of sub-standard raw material and also expert designers are not hired for the perfect designing of the banners. Consequently cheap banners often change the whole positioning of the brand. The message and visuals used in the banner turn out to be disastrous for the brand. Effectiveness of the banner is achieved by designing the banners with the consultancy of expert designers, who are experienced and make sure that the visual used in the banners are logically related to the brand and the placement of the content in the banners does not make it look over crowded or heavy.

Out door banners are vulnerable to the environmental factors, durability of the banner can only be guaranteed by making use of quality and superior products used as raw material for manufacturing of banners. Companies can not afford to design and develop banners for such a short time. Sunshine and rain are the biggest threat to the life of any banner, sunshine tends to dilute the colors of the banners and rain sometimes washes away the whole banners. This threat can only be minimized by using quality and durable raw material in the manufacturing of banners. Any compromise on the raw material results in further cost for the development of a new banner however; the image of the brand is also diluted in the eye of the customer.

Cheap banners do not ensure the life of the message. Inferior raw material used in the production of the banners tend to reduce the life of the banner therefore, the life of the message is also very short term. Sunshine and rain takes away the color out of the cheap banners, which change the entire nature and representation of the brand.

Therefore, in the long run cheap banners tend to confuse the customer about the quality and positioning of the product. That result into an even smaller market share and squeezed profits. Also the consistent development of cheap banners after short span of time makes them more expensive than the quality banners. Quality banners require a relatively large initial investment but with they ensure the life and quality of the banner, which helps brands to communicate effectively to their exact target market.


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