Therapy For The Workaholic – A Full Body Massage

No rest for the weary. That saying seems to be what every workaholic is resigned to. Sometimes it is just unavoidable to have your joints and even your mind get all banged up because of the work load. For those who can identify with this scenario, a full body massage may just be your ticket back to sanity.

One of the most well known techniques is known as the Swedish massage. The benefits of Swedish massage include iimproved blood circulation, mental relaxation, an overall decrease in muscle tension which leads to physical relaxation and reduction in stress. Reducing stress in any shape, form or size is always good news for the overworked individual!

Swedish massage specifically focuses on your back, legs, arms, and neck. It also tackles your stiff shoulders, stomach, not to mention your aching feet. Light to medium pressure is exerted and one of the aims is to return the flow of blood from the extremities back to the heart.

Specific to this type of massage is muscle relaxation and this is done by applying pressure on them against the deeper muscles and bones. Rubbing is done in the same direction as the flow, which in a way guides it back to the heart valves. So the system basically involves a system of long gliding strokes, kneading and friction, which is applied on the uppermost muscle tissues. Tapping movements are also applied on the soft tissues of the body.

As you can imagine, the body will slowly regain its vigor when circulation is stimulated. The tapping on the soft tissues manipulates the flow of blood which also reduces pressure on the veins and arteries. The benefit here is that the work load on your heart is lessened, thereby decreasing the chance of contracting any diseases associated with it.

A full body massage also aids in the removal of metabolic waste through a process known as lymphatic drainage. What happens is that the massage follows the lymph flow and therefore stimulates its movement in the body. Since circulation is stimulated, the removal of harmful bacteria and fluid waste from the cells is accelerated.

Aside from rejuvenating your body and improving blood flow, here are a few other conditions which workaholics can be relieved of: 강남안마

  • arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • headaches and chronic pain syndromes;
  • cramps and muscle spams;
  • stiff muscles and joints;


Imagine having your pains especially at the back and neck areas being slowly soothed away by simple visit to a spa for this procedure. Instead of limited motion, your ligaments become pliant and flexible. Your days of feeling and moving like a robot are over because of the improved muscle tone. And neither will you end up looking a robot because you will also begin to notice smooth, soft skin all over the body.

These are but a few of the benefits of a full body massage. Remember that not only are the benefits physical, but also mental. The slow, relaxing rhythm of each massage stroke easily lulls the client into a more serene state. Whatever heavy thoughts that weigh on the mind can easily be sorted out, and the result is you feel less tension altogether. A clear mind certainly allows for better decision making which is essential as far as the workaholic is concerned.

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