Taking Care of Your Skin in the Summer

Winter skin care is something many publications cover, but what about summer? What adjustments should be made to your skin routine to ensure you aren’t a victim of hyper-pigmentation and the heat? Check out our tips for taking care of your skin in the summer. หาคนดูแล

1. Always wear a sun screen. In the summer months, we’re outdoor more often. While sun screen should be worn year round, in the summer we’re outside swimming and hanging out, which makes us prone to freckles and hyper-pigmentation. Sun spots are a major worry for most people and can begin to appear as early as the 30s. Wearing sun screen with a SPF of 20 or higher regularly will reduce the amount of UVA/UVB rays your skin absorbs. Add it to your skin care routine so you get in the groove of using it regularly. Wash your face, allow it to dry and then apply a sun screen or moisturizer with SPF. Then add your makeup on top of this. Remember, when you’re in the sun for a long duration of time, you should add sun screen 2-3 hours depending on how much you sweat. Applying sun screen at 8 a.m. will not last through lunch time. Be smart about applying sun screen often.

2. Fight oil with oil. If you’re looking for a lightweight cleanser that moisturizes with skin without overdoing it, try the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM). Those with oily skin will benefit from grapeseed oil, while those with normal to dry skin can use any type of olive oil. Apply oil to the skin and let it soak in for a few minutes. Next, apply a hot towel for a few minutes, allowing the oil to dissolve the oil from your skin and penetrate the top layer. Wipe away the oil. Some may need a moisturizer after this, but during warm weather, most do not. While this method shouldn’t be used to remove makeup, it does effectively clean the skin and moisturizes without the heaviness of a cream or lotion.

3. Be careful with the moisture. In the warm months, skin typically isn’t as dry, even for those who fall into the dry skin category. Use a lightweight oil to moisturize the skin only in the area it needs it. Hot weather causes skin to produce more oils and the exposure to sunlight can cause dry patches for those who normally suffer from dry skin. Use the oil only in areas that need moisture versus putting it all over your face multiple times per day. Use the same types of oils suggested for OCM when moisturizing the skin day or night. A little goes a long way with oils, so be sure to simply pat the oil on the dry area for the best results.

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