Should You Stop Smoking


The benefits that are obtained when stopping to smoke are multiple and immediate, and as the old Chinese aphorism says:

“The man that can conquers itself, is worth more than the one that has conquered a thousand times a thousand armies”

The benefits of stopping to smoke are many, and they embrace many aspects among which we can highlight:

It improves your health, it improves your body aspect, and it improves your economy HOW DOES YOUR HEALTH IMPROVE

Stopping to smoke only 20 minutes, recovers the normal level of the arterial pressure, the heart frequency and the feet and hands temperature.

8 hours after stopping to smoke we begin to have a better lung oxygenation normalizing the monoxide of carbon and oxygen levels.

After 24 hours it diminishes the risk of a sudden death. cbd coffee wholesale

After 48 hours you begin to recover the senses of smell and taste

72 hours later, the breathing function is normalized

1 to 3 months later, your physical capacity will be increased, that is to say that you will be less tired

9 months later the risk of infections will decrease and the bronchial drainage will improve

Only 5 YEARS after stopping to smoke, the risk of suffering a lung cancer will be similar to that of the non smokers

10 years later the risk off having mouth cancer, throat cancer, esophagus and bladder will low to one half

Only 15 YEARS after having stopped to smoke you will have the same risk of having a coronary inadequacy that a person that doesn’t smoke.


Your breath, hair and clothes will stop having tobacco scent.

Your car, house and work place, will stop to have tobacco scent

Your fingernails and hands will stop to have yellow color

Your skin will improve in all senses, it will change the coloration becoming rosier (the skin of the smokers is grizzly), it will improve its smoothness and become more hydrated, and as a consequence of that you will have less wrinkles.

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