Secrets On How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

So you want to find out how to get rid of man boobs do you? No problem I will help you out to banish the boobs from your life, hopefully forever. I will also give you some good tips and pointers on how to instantly hide man boobs.

Firstly I want to point out a few things to be careful about when you are trying to get rid of the jugs. That is to read all the ‘advice’ around these days with a pinch of salt. There are too many people regurgitating wrong information about getting rid of man boobs (and many other things).

You will find everyone and their dog advising people to do lots of push ups and bench presses, to lose man boobs. Apparently this will turn the fat into muscle.

This is wrong! Mega boobs

Fat and muscle are two different types of tissue. Fat is released from your cells and burnt for energy, it does not turn into muscle.

Doing push ups and bench presses will only work the chest muscles (pectorals) to make them stronger and bigger. But there will still be a layer of fat sitting over the muscles.

Do not get me wrong push ups and bench presses have their place when trying to get rid of man boobs. But they must form a part of a complete strategy to lose the boobs.

Instantly Hide Man Boobs

You are probably using a bit of common sense to hide your chest balloons. Things like wearing heavy tops, or wearing two tops and the like. One good piece of clothing that I would recommend to instantly hide your man boobs. Would be those sport tops you can buy these days.

I am talking about the tight tops that look like they are painted on. You can pick them up fairly cheaply nowadays. They work great to wear under your normal top and compress and hide your chest.

While hiding the boobs may be useful, I am sure you want to actually know how to get rid of man boobs. Never mind just hide them. Your wish is my command let’s have a look at stripping of the chest babies.

How Do You Get Rid Of Man Boobs

There are two main causes of man boobs: High body fat levels and high estrogen levels.

Estrogen is a female hormone so no wonder it is one of the main causes of man boobs. It can also be responsible for belly fat as well. High estrogen is also responsible for some nasty diseases and health issues.

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