Ordering Garden Seeds

While winter seems to last forever it really won’t and February is the time you want to get your garden seed orders in. The sooner you order the sooner you will have your seeds on hand for when you are ready to plant. So by all means grab those catalogs and start marking.

A word of caution or two is in order here especially for newer gardeners who have not had a lot of experience with purchasing from catalogs. There are many garden seed companies out there and many are very reputable firms that have been supplying top quality seeds and plants for years. There are also some companies that you should watch out for as well. It is sort of like anything else if it seems to good to be true than it probably is. If you are looking at a catalog and it is advertising 100 hedge plants for $1.99 or a complete perennial flower bed for just $3.99 then I would suggest that you watch out because there really is no such thing as a free lunch and you will be sadly disappointed if you buy from this catalog. That is one thing another is that you really do get what you pay for. That does not meant that you have to go out and purchase the most expensive plants and seeds to get good quality it means that you should be very suspicious if every one is selling a certain hosta for $12.95 and the catalog you are looking in is selling it for $2.99 there is just something not right about that price and you should stay clear.

There are really good seed companies catalogs and they are sometimes they only way to get what you are looking for. The seed racks in most garden centers feature only the most popular varieties due to the shear size of the selections but when it comes to the unusual or hard to find that is where you need to put in a seed order. When ordering be sure that what you are looking at is what you really want. It really is necessary to know the Latin name and which variety you want because some plants with the same common names are very different plants. Knowing the variety as well will make sure you are getting seed that will produce the right color flowers, shape fruit, or flavor. sprouting seeds online

Heirloom varieties have started to appear more on seed racks in the last couple of years. I have noticed a large number of different heirlooms this year. In general your best source for these old time favorites is from the seed catalogs especially if you are looking for specific types. Get you orders in early so you will have plenty of time to get them started before planting time is near. Remember planting day may seem a long time away but it really is just around the corner. So get those seeds in your hand soon!

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