How Long Do Hair Replacement Systems Last?

The longevity of a hair piece is based on several factors: the materials it’s made from, the care it is given and the physiology and life style of the hair wearer. A hair replacement system can last anywhere from 1 or two weeks to many years. Quality and maintenance are two key overall determining factors in the overall longevity of your hair piece. These are careful things to take into account when shopping for a hair replacement.

It makes sense that a hair piece made with light weight lace material would not hold up as long as one made of a polyester mesh so therefore the base material is critical in calculating the longevity of a hair piece. While lace is wonderful for a natural appearance and light weight hair piece its delicate nature can cause it to be easily torn and even deteriorated over time. A polyester mesh is a durable yet light weight material that resists dirt and oils, is easily cleaned and not easily torn. hair system

Another big factor is the physiology and life style of the hair wearer. If a person perspires heavily from the head, works out often, gets dirty in their work or has excessive oil production of the skin this can be very detrimental to the longevity of a hair piece. Body oil and perspiration can cause the base material of a hair piece to degrade if not cleaned properly and often. In the case of nylon bases and lace materials the body secretions can get trapped in the fibers and literally rot the material. These secretions can also get trapped in the knots of the hair and can also cause them to rot as well so it is important to clean hair pieces well and rinse all cleaning and conditioning residue from the hair and base. With proper care and cleaning there is no reason for a hair piece to last as long as the wearer wants it to last, though there may be the need from time to time to have hair added to a system and an occasional base repair or replaced tape tab, with the right materials and care any hair piece can last forever. Basically if you buy a cheap hair piece or disposable hair piece, even with diligent cleaning practice, you’ll likely still have to replace it after some months. Generally if you spend the time and money to get a good quality custom hair replacement system, you should be able to make it last pretty much as long as you want it to. You can also talk to your hair replacement company about different base material options that will provide a more durable option for extended use. With a little TLC you can make the right hair last for years!

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