Easy Ways to Make Your Own Baby Food

If you have a baby, you have probably noticed that you are constantly heading out to the store to buy more supplies. Whether you’re buying diapers, wipes or food, it seems like the tiniest people make us buy more than we ever did before! russian chocolate

Of course, many people enjoy shopping, and even do it
for pleasure, but few of those people include grocery shopping in that category. That’s why many new parents look for ways to avoid stocking their pantry with those tiny little jars of baby food; opting instead for healthy, affordable and yummy homemade baby food.

The top three reasons to make your own baby food (other than not having to run out to the store again!) are:

1. It is more affordable
A jar of (non-organic) peas, sweet potatoes or carrots will cost at least $0.20 per ounce, while if you purchase fresh or frozen organic ingredients and prepare them yourself you will spend less than $0.04 per ounce. Also, many of the foods available on the baby food aisle (e.g. applesauce) are exactly the same as those sold on the canned food aisle, but can be twice the price.

2. It is healthier for your baby
Although it is very surprising, some of the most trusted brands of baby food are not as healthy as we would expect them to be. In addition to the natural ingredients shown on their label, manufacturers may add thickening agents such as flours and chemically modified starches. These fillers can reduce the nutrient level of the food by up to 50%.

3. It takes less of a toll on the environment
For every bottle, jar or package of prepared baby food that you buy, you are adding to the Earth’s trash burden. Even glass jars, which can be easily recycled, still take fossil-fuel energy to create, sterilize and label. Then there is the cost of transporting the goods to the supermarket. Giving up disposable diapers can be difficult, but switching to homemade baby food is an easy way to be green.

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