Cabinet Refacing Tips

My husband and I had decided refacing, rather than replacement, was the solution for giving our cabinets a fresh new look. Not only did we want the new look, but we wanted to save some money, so refacing was easily the best choice to make. During the design process I received a lot of very useful tips on cabinet refacing that I hope other people can put to good use in their attempt to make their cabinets look nice and new – especially if you choose to make it a do-it-yourself project. bathroom cabinet refacing near me

1. Label all the parts. This seems like it may be a waste of time, but is really beneficial to any type of project. It helps easily keep track of how many items you may have as well as what part goes where. This will save you a lot of time, stress, and frustration.

2. Save any leftover or spare pieces which you may have. Keep the spare parts handy in case you may have made a mistake or, even worse, omitted a step during the installation process that you can fix yourself. Spare parts should never go to waste regardless of the project, whether it be cabinet refacing or something as simple as building a small bird feeder for your backyard.

3. Quality over quantity is universal! I have seen many projects of different varieties fail horribly simply because people wouldn’t be willing to spend a few extra dollars. If you use shoddy material, don’t expect to have great results. Needless to say the same rule applies here.


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