Cabinet Door Hinges – Small But Mighty

I’ve been in the kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturing business for over thirty years. Replacing a damaged door may seem like an easy enough project, but there are some common difficulties that may be encountered in the process. In this article, I will identify these possible hindrances and offer some troubleshooting advice.

There are three styles of cabinet doors, Thermofoil, wood and laminate. Of these three, wood doors are by far the easiest to have replaced.

The problem with Thermofoil (MDF) is that there are hundreds of companies who have individual designs and colors that they use for fabricating their kitchen cabinet doors. The fabrication of MDF doors requires equipment that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. You cannot just custom order whatever design you need from any manufacture. You must locate the company who originally created the door. This can prove to be a challenging task.

Replacing A Discontinued Formica Color Door
Oftentimes when a Formica door needs to be replaced, the laminate is no longer available. What I am about to share is trick that I’ve used on many occasions to replace a discontinued plastic laminate color. In every kitchen there’s a base cabinet that is next to the refrigerator. The Formica never gets seen on the side of this cabinet. Have a cabinet maker peel the Formica off and make the cabinet door using that laminate. Then, re-laminate the side of the base cabinet with a similar color.

Finding Thermofoil Doors
If you are not sure where your vinyl wrapped doors came from, remove a drawer face. Usually, the door manufactures placed a sticker on these parts that will have the company name on it. This identification label actually gets sandwiched between the decorative face and the drawer. You cannot see it unless you take off the decorative front.

If you do not find a label stuck to the back of the drawer face, take the door to a few local cabinet fabricators. Eventually, someone will recognize the door style and know who the fabricator is.

Replacing Wood Doors
Wood doors can be replicated by just about any expert woodworker on the planet. In our small Floridian community, we have at least twenty shops who can replicate a wood cabinet door. On the other hand, we do not have anyone who could custom make a Thermal-foil door. You should not have a problem finding a hardwood raised-panel replacement door. drawer boxes

Finding the door is the hard part. Once you have the new one in hand- follow the steps below.

  1. If the cabinet is in need of repair where the new door will be installed, fix it.
  2. Make sure that you find an exact match to the hinges that were used before, if you are replacing them too.
  3. If the new door needs to have grooves cut or holes drilled in order for the hinges to work, take the door to a local cabinet fabricator. They will have the necessary equipment to handle the task.
  4. Install the new door with a cordless or electric drill.
  5. Measure, mark and drill the hardware holes. Attach the knob or handle.
  6. Use the hinge adjustments to get it into perfect alignment.


If you have any doubts about replacing your broken kitchen cupboard door yourself (DYI), hire a professional. If you would like to save a few dollars, just do as much leg work as possible to make the professional cabinet installers project less time-consuming. To reduce the cost, you can do things like find the kitchen cabinet door company to order the door from and also locate the correct hinges.

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