A Non Surgical Skin Tightening Will Have You Looking Younger Safely and Quickly

Have you been considering surgical skin tightening to firm and tone your sagging, wrinkled skin? You are probably desperate to have better looking skin, however you are still trying to find an alternate treatment. Cosmetic surgery can be scary when you hear about things that happen to people who undergo this procedure. Before you think about doing a surgical skin tightening procedure read this article and see if I can show you a safer, natural and effective treatment that does not come with any risk, expense or down time.

The reason you are experiencing sagging skin is the loss of collagen and elastin in your skin. When you were younger, your body produced an abundance of these two vital proteins, however as you age it produces less therefore leading to wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. You have probable tried many skin tightening products but have been disappointed with the result. I know since most of them are not equipped to seriously tighten and firm.

You see, most of the skin tightening products being sold contains collagen as an ingredient, and that is not what you need. Collagen applied topically in a cream or lotion has been rendered ineffective because its molecules are too large they cannot be absorbed into your skin. This has been scientifically proven. That is why those collagen creams will not work to tighten and firm your skin. bubble butt

In order for your to achieve true skin tightening without opting for any surgical procedures you need to look for a substance known as Cynergy TK. This is a substance that has been tried, tested and proven to have the desired effect when used in any skin tightening product. It has the ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production naturally in your body leading to firmer, tighter more appealing looking skin. Cynergy TK has been known to have the following effects on the skin:

1. Fight free radical activities as this is a major cause of skin aging
2. Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
3. Help your skin to retain moisture by up to 40% keeping it supple
4. Promotes firmness and elasticity
5. Helps in the regeneration of new skin cells

Along with Cynergy TK the best skin tightening formula should also contain antioxidants, essential oils and emollients to help protect your skin from the 3 main causes of aging which are:

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