Why Do JDM Used Engines Benefit the Customer?

What is a JDM engine or motor? You see the term come up all the time if you Google ”used engines” for Japanese cars. The problem is no one clearly defines what the term means, JDM. JDM is an acronym for the Japanese Domestic Market.

In Japan, the emission standards are much more strict, thus cars with as low as 30 thousand miles often fail the Shaken (name of the Japanese emission test) which means the engine in said car needs some major engine work to bring it back up to standards. Well, in Japan, auto repairs are extremely expensive. Partly because less cars need repairs because they get turned in early for a new car.

Because less cars need repairs in Japan, mechanics in Japan charge more for repairs, thus making it not economically feasible to make major automotive engine repairs. So they are left with a tremendous amount of cars with motors and plenty of other components that are in reality, very low mileage for an American car.

What happens then is the cars are literally disassembled into sub-components like the engines, which are packaged and shipped to America, where it is considered a low mileage engine. This is where we can benefit from other unfortunate situations. Because in the US, our emission standards are not so strict. used engines

Once they hit the US, they are examined and converted to the American emission codes and sent to the most qualified engine recyclers (notice I did not say junk yards, junk yards don’t sell JDM). One with a long term reputation for selling quality products and has outstanding customer service.

The other way to get a low mileage used engine in America is to find an engine from a car that was crashed. Obviously there are plenty of crashed cars in the US, but not enough to meet the used engine demand.

If your in the market for, or simply interested in a low mileage used engine, the wise consumer contacts a reputable motor /engine supplier of used engines and learns more about their options and what suits your budget and best interests

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