Simplify Funeral Products and Services With All-In-One Funeral Software

As a funeral director, you’re probably aware of funeral webcasting. If you haven’t begun offering it to your clients, you might be missing an opportunity to provide a valuable service. pemakaman muslim

The need for funeral webcasts predated the advent of the technology that made them possible. There have always been mourners who were unable to attend funeral services for one reason or another, for example, illness, frailty, inclement weather, distance, or the expense of travel. But, until the internet became a primary means of sharing information and events, there was just no solution to this problem. Many people were forced to miss funeral services and, as painful as it may have been for them, there was simply nothing they could do.

Today, with not much more than camera mounted in your funeral chapel, an internet connection and some robust funeral software on your computer, you can solve this problem.

Your clients will appreciate this added service that allows them to invite family and friends who otherwise could not attend the funeral. You’ll gain name recognition for your business because it will be featured on your website. Client families can also ask that a copy of the service be burned to DVD for a keepsake. Both the webcast and the DVD keepsake are a new source of revenue for your funeral home.

Funeral webcasting is a fairly simple process when you contract with a funeral technology company that can provide the hardware as well as the server that hosts your webcasts. Once you install the camera and microphone in your chapel, connect them to your computer, the software directs you through the rest of the funeral webcasting process. All you have to do is turn on the equipment and operate the camera remotely.

One camera is really all you need, although you may choose to use more than one. when mounted strategically in your chapel, the camera will give a clear view of the proceedings. In addition, if you use a camera that can be rotated remotely from your computer, you’ll be able to pan the room and zoom in on faces, groups of people, or the officiant.

A microphone placed on the lectern will transmit the speakers’ words clearly. If the service features a choir or individual soloists, add another microphone for that purpose and switch it on and off remotely, as needed.

If you’ve never used a web camera and are unsure of your ability to transmit the funeral service, choose a company that can provides unlimited technical support. They’ll walk you through setting up the equipment and even do a practice webcast with you. Have more questions? No problem, just contact the funeral consultants office and your questions will be answered quickly. When the time arrives for your first actual funeral webcast, you’ll be confident that all will go as planned.


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