Selecting the Best Business Mobile Phone For Your Company and Workforce

A lot of people these days have abandoned a home telephone to use cell phone exclusively, but there are still millions of people that prefer the reliability of a phone service from home like Verizon FiOS. Using a cell phone for home service can be unreliable since if the phone breaks or the battery is dead, you would be without a home phone and making long distance calls or going over your cell phone minutes can get very expensive very quickly.

If you are going to have a home business or if you have small children at home, it’s much better to have dedicated phone service at home than to just use a cell phone. Verizon FiOS phone sets the industry standard for residential phone and more than a million people use VerizonFiOS phone because of the clarity and reliability that it provides.

Verizon FiOS phone service isn’t your grandfather’s phone service. It’s state of the art cutting edge digital phone service delivered directly to your home through a fiber optic cable. Traditional phone lines use ordinary copper cables that are slow and sometimes unreliable.

If you also have cable TV and Internet or DSL Internet, your TV and Internet services are also using the same cable that was put in for your phone service. That leads to massive slowdowns because there is information for all three services trying to use the same cable at the same time, and there’s only so much information that an ordinary cable can handle. verizon voip

But when you switch to FiOS residential phone service, even if you have VerizonFiOS Internet and TV services the information pipeline that is coming to your home is huge in comparison to a small traditional cable. The fiber optic cables that are used by VerizonFiOS are lightning fast and can handle huge loads of information meaning that you won’t get dropped calls or interrupted calls, Internet slowdowns or TV delays even when you’re using all three services at the same time.

The fiber optic cable that is used by Verizon FiOS also means that you get digital phone clarity with home phone convenience. If you do a lot of long distance calling you won’t have to struggle to hear the person on the other end no matter how far away they are. You also can get all the same features that cell phones offer like digital voice mail, call waiting, callback and other popular features.

There is a wide variety of packages and plans that you choose from when you switch to Verizon FiOS home phone service and you can even keep your phone number. When you add Verizon FiOS TV and Internet to your home phone service plan you can save even more and get the reliability and speed of fiber optic TV service and Internet.

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