Renting Display Stands Vs Buying Display Stands

Whether you exhibit once a year or every week, you may be using display stands. You may also find yourself wondering whether it is wiser to rent your display stands or buy them. The answer may be simple for you, but before you come to your conclusion, read about some of the factors to consider in each scenario so that you can make an informed decision.


There are several different situations in which renting display stands just makes more sense than purchasing them. Below are some scenarios where renting display stands may be the right option.

– For example, if you are attending an exhibition internationally, it may be more cost-effective to rent display stands locally than it would be to ship them overseas. In this situation, care must be taken to rent from a reputable source.  A4 Display Stands

– Another situation in which renting display stands is the better choice is when you’re trying exhibition as a new marketing technique or are just getting started. In this case, you may not be ready to invest in your own display stands. If this is the situation you find yourself in, you may decide to rent display stands until you’re sure the commitment will be worth it.

– You may already own a display stand or even multiple stands. However, a particular event may come up where you have the opportunity to exhibit in two places at once and you may not have enough display stands. In this case, renting one or more display stands can allow you to maximize your exhibitions in a cost-effective manner.


Other circumstances definitely warrant investing in your own display stands. Even if you begin by renting display stands, you may soon realize that the frequency with which you find yourself renting them makes purchasing your own permanent ones the wiser choice.

– If your business model includes selling mostly at trade-show or exhibition style outlets such as flea markets, swap meets or other such venues, you are probably using display stands very often. In this scenario, it is wise to invest in your own display stands, as the cost will be made up in what you would have otherwise spent in rentals.

– If most of the exhibitions you participate are local and you are able to transport them, or if the cost of shipping them to the exhibitions you exhibit at is reasonable, then buying may be a good option for you

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