Looking For Hypoallergenic Skincare? Think Paraben-Free Skincare

Description: Even when we decide to choose hypoallergenic skincare products for managing sensitive skin, we have to ensure that we are specifically going for paraben-free skincare. This is because of the several harmful effects of paraben, one of the most commonly used cosmetic preservatives.

There are so many skincare products available on the market today, it can make the task of choosing the right product for your own skin type particularly daunting. More so if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to any ingredient used in the product. However if you follow some simple guidelines before you buy skincare products, you might be saved from allergic reactions like rashes, etc. The first and most important to remember is, if your skin type is sensitive, choose hypoallergenic skincare products. Such products never contain any ingredient that can adversely impact sensitive skin. Whether you are using lotions, creams or gels, hypoallergenic skincare products are widely available these days. To make sure that the ingredients used are indeed hypoallergenic in nature, simply check out the labeling details. If you are looking for hypoallergenic skincare products, it makes sense to look for products, which are paraben-free.

Paraben-free skincare products, as the name suggests, do not contain paraben, a commonly used synthetic preservative or stabilizer. The rationale of using paraben in skincare cosmetics is that it directly increases the shelf life of the product by preventing the formation of bacteria or mold. There is an entire range of parabens, which are used by cosmetic manufacturers to preserve the quality of their cosmetic products. The reason why paraben is not advisable is because it works by mimicking estrogen, the essential female hormone, which again is closely linked to breast cancer. Thus, irrespective of whether you have sensitive skin or not, it is a wise decision to go for paraben-free skincare. The awareness of the various ill effects of paraben have now prompted many manufacturers to label their merchandise as paraben-free, making it easier for the consumer to choose them from store shelves. Adverse effects of paraben could be summarized as follows: buy cbd skincare

– Paraben adversely affects the endocrine system and mimics the estrogen hormone. Over exposure to this hormone could result in breast cancer in women.

– Use of cosmetics containing paraben during pregnancy is under a scanner because of potential risks involved.

– Parabens have also been linked to infertility in men.

– Nursing mothers feeding male infants also are at risk of feeding their child with too much female hormone, if they are using paraben-containing cosmetics.

Therefore, when you are looking for hypoallergenic products, the best bet would be to select products which are made from completely ‘natural’ ingredients, which have plant-based origins. Normally no parabens are added to these formulations. How would you ensure that your hypoallergenic skincare products are indeed free from harmful parabens? Here are some tips to follow:

– Ingredients with names likemethylparaben, propylparaben, isoparaben, or butylparaben are various types of parabens used and to be avoided.

– If no name of any paraben is mentioned on the label, find the name of the manufacturer and look for labeling instructions on their website.

– If in doubt, call or e-mail the manufacturing company to know for sure whether the product is paraben-free.

There are several reputed companies that manufacture hypoallergenic skincare products, which are also paraben-free. These companies are consumer safety conscious and use other types of preservatives and stabilizers, including packaging changes to enhance product stability. So, the next time you are shopping for hypoallergenic skincare products, ensure that you are bringing home some reputed paraben-free skincare brands.


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