How Can I Track a Cell Phone From My Computer

If you’re asking “How can I track a cell phone from my computer“, I’m guessing that there’s somebody in your life that you no longer trust. I suppose it’s possible that you may be prone to losing your mobile phone but most people end up asking this question because they realize that it’s probably the quickest way to find out if somebody is carrying out illicit or sneaky communications with another.

If, for example, you have reason to believe that your husband or wife is carrying on an affair behind your back, the chances are that they’ll be secretly conversing with that other person using a cell phone. Let’s face it – it’s the obvious form of communication nowadays as you can use voice calls, sms texting and send emails via your cell phone. You can also send and retrieve photos and go to all the major social networking sites online. It’s plain easy to hook up with somebody in secret nowadays with all of the required sneaky communications being done over your cell phone.

You’ve possibly also heard that it’s possible to actually track somebody’s movements using their cell phone and that might be the reason that you searched for the phrase: How can I track a cell phone from my computer? Nearly all modern smartphones have some sort of GPS capability nowadays – indeed, it’s a pre-requisite to how they can actually work within the cell phone networks. And the rumors that you might have heard are true. You can actually track somebody’s movements using their cell phone if they have it switched on at the time.

The state-of-the-art cell phone tracking apps even allow you to track realtime movements from the comfort of your own PC – you can literally see where somebody is at any given time by using Google maps or some other such mapping interface. There is one main pre-requisite of doing this, however, and this is that you will need to be able to access the phone in order to download the tracking app to it. Please note right here that if you’re thinking of trying to spy on somebody’s phone calls or text messages, never mind track their movements, you should be very clear about the laws regarding this in your region. Generally, it may be OK if you own the phone. If not, you could be on very tricky ground. That hasn’t stopped thousands of people using this kind of software from monitoring the movements or cell phone call and sms messages of loved ones. Let’s face it, if you need to monitor your child’s activities and you own the phone then this is your call. It’s not illegal to download the software, not in any way, shape or form – I’m just warning you that you ought to check your local laws before using this for any surveillance purposes that may infringe the privacy rights of other individuals. best cell phone spy apps

So, how can I track a cell phone from my computer? As stated previously you would have to have access to the target cell phone and have time (usually around 10 minutes or so) to download the tracking app to it. As a side note, this would also, of course, require that you know any password, locking code or PIN for the phone if the screen is kept locked. You get access to the software and also a log in and password to a secure online website where you can view the activities on the phone once you have paid for the software. The installation is relatively simple and all instructions are provided including helpful screen shots of the set up process. The great thing about this software is that once installed on the cell phone, there is no trace that it was ever there. There are no icons added or any other trace that a new app has been installed and it runs quietly and stealthily in the background. All you need to do now is log into your secure control panel from any computer in the world and you can watch the activities of the cell phone.

The tracking features of the software are particularly powerful if you suspect, for example, that your husband, wife or partner is going somewhere other than where they are saying. Does he say he’s working late nights all of a sudden after never having had to do it before? Is he really still at work? If his phone is switched on (Which it undoubtedly will be) you’ll know for sure. Similarly if you suspect he’s out seeing another woman on a Saturday afternoon while he claims to be out playing golf, again you’ll be able to see exactly where he is via the mapping software interface.

The other great features that come with this awesome cell phone tracking software are also worth mentioning, because if it’s infidelity you are worried about, or the company that your kids or teen are keeping that are keeping you awake at night, these can be just as, if not even more so, helpful.

One of the best features, aside from the ability to track a cell phone, is the option to be able to view all text sms messages to and from the phone. These can be read fully even if they have been instantly deleted after being sent or received (which you might well suspect is happening, right?).


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