Hair Transplant Surgery – Most Effective Treatment For Male Pattern Baldness

Tired of using hair products and medicines in order to grow back your hairs, then a successful hair transplant can help you in transforming your life altogether. Hair transplant surgery is quite convenient and most effective technique of medical hair restoration.

The procedure in hair restoration surgery involves harvesting the strips of hair from the donor area or back of the scalp after numbing the area by the use of a local anesthetic. Hair transplant doctor does close inspection using the binocular microscopes and punctures the graft-receiving sites with a fine needle. The desired areas are then removed with a special instrument. Next, the bald areas are numbed and small slits are made. The hair transplants are properly prepared and carefully placed into the previously prepared region over the bald areas. After that a small bandage is then applied for extra protection (just only for overnight).

Hair restoration surgery can bring amazing results if it is done properly. In fact, it really becomes difficult to recognize whether the hair is natural or been transplanted. Transplant hair is also convenient because much less time is taken in sorting out the follicular units and their transplantation in the problem areas. Moreover, the transplanted hair can LAST A LIFETIME or at least as long as the hair stays in the area from which the transplants are taken. And the procedure is a smarting sensation, but no real discomfort. However, any discomfort that may occur is mild and readily relieved by analgesics.

After the procedure, the transplanted hair is generally shed in four weeks and then new hair begins to grow (about ten weeks later) and continues to grow to a year. Your transplanted hair will grow similar to your normal hair at about 1/4 of inch a month.

If we talk about the hair restoration cost then it can range at large anywhere from $3000 to $20,000. The cost of your hair transplant surgery depends mostly on how many grafts you require, and/or how many sessions you need to complete them in. Also, the doctors or surgeons may also charge per hair graft (generally, it can range from $3.00 a graft to $10.00 a graft). It is also true that that hair transplant costs vary from person to person, thus it is important to consult with hair restoration doctors before choosing one. Also remember the other expenses like price of any extra medication, blood tests, anesthesia, and facility fees while calculating a hair restoration cost. Hair Transplant in turkey

Besides that, you should consult with your doctor the risks, advantages and disadvantages of each surgery method. Plus, whichever surgery method you opt for, it is important to do adequate research and consideration as per your personal needs.

And it will be more helpful if you visit a hair transplant doctor’s website. The website will help you in getting the necessary information you need before making that important decision. You can also find information about that surgeon including the surgical methods he/she use, their experience, patient testimonials and other important information about the surgery.

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