Fine Tune Your Mobile Website With These Tips

Mobile phones, tablets and other hand held devices are the source of 35% of conversions on mobile responsive websites. During the holiday seasons, hand held devices increase the mobile traffic all over the world. For realists, this is important data as they can retrofit their websites to gather traffic coming from mobile phones.

There are basically two different ways of mobile responsive website development. Number one is to go for a completely new mobile website development and the other is to create a mobile responsive website that will fit itself according to the size of the screen. Usually website development companies will follow the standards of development for all projects but here are some tips that will enhance the user experience and performance of your users.

Make simple forms

A lot of websites, especially ecommerce websites have a lot of forms for booking, shopping, user registration etc. Form submission is the main area where the conversion will happen. Mobile users don’t like complicated forms as it is not easy for them to write all the required data on a small screen. Using a keyboard on a computer or laptop is quite different from using a keyboard on a mobile device.

Make your forms simple and remove unnecessary entries to make the conversion easier for the user. New user registration forms should also be changed so that users can easily register when they are doing it from a mobile device.

Understand the difference between a conventional and mobile website

There is a huge difference between a mobile website and a conventional website designing and development. If you have great visuals and media on your website, you should not try to put them on the mobile version of it. There is a chance that large images will make the website loading time slow and it will affect the user experience. Similarly lots of buttons and links will also make the loading time slower or it will create a mess for the users on their small screen.

Leverage your website and show only those things that are necessary. Remove too many buttons, links and other content. Think like a mobile user and it will help you a lot in understanding what your visitors want.

Make your loading time fast

Speed is the key of having a great mobile website. Most of the users browsing the internet on their hand held devices are always in a hurry and if they land on a slow loading website, there is a chance they will not stay there for long.

To make the website load faster, use resized images and content. Resized and compressed images will bring down the loading time considerably. Also remove unnecessary scripts from the code and classes. Mobile phones have a lot of computing power but when they are met with large image sizes and other media files, the loading time increases.

Address SEO issues in your website

Google and other search engines are rolling out a lot of updates to their search algorithms. Read those updates carefully and address the SEO problems in your website. There is a chance that your desktop version will have more conversions than mobile version. If this is the case, then have an SEO expert take a look at your website and have an SEO audit of both.

SEO is an important part of website development and many companies have SEO professionals working alongside website developers to remove any errors related to search engines. Log in to your webmaster tools and regularly check for problems like faulty URLs, redirects and other errors. kodulehe valmistamine

Display relevant content only

There is a lot of content on your website which is irrelevant to the mobile user. Most mobile users are just looking for the information they need or are interested in the product info only. They would browse different products and then choose the one they want. This usually takes just a few minutes. Users want to find the information quickly so that they can save time.

If you have a featured products area on your website, avoid displaying too many products on the mobile version. Similarly use lesser buttons and links so that the user can see the product and its information completely without scrolling too much.


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