3 Top Reasons Why You Need a Customs Agent For Exporting

Establishing foreign markets for your goods is a fantastic way to grow your business. However, exporting goods can be a minefield for even experienced business managers. One of the best ways to speed up the process is to use a customs broker. Perth business owners may be surprised at how much this will help. Here are three top reasons why you need a customs agent for exporting your goods.

1. A DIY Ethos is Commendable but Unrealistic:

Professional people understand that time management is a major component in increasing their chances of success. Of course, it can be very handy to have a basic understanding of the process and terminology used in importing and exporting goods. However, going beyond this will take a business manager away from running their core business. There is a lot to learn, and it is easy to make a mistake or forget a crucial piece of documentation. Every successful business professional understands that delegating effectively is essential. Many of us already hire accountants, legal representatives and other professionals to help our businesses to run smoothly.

2. Every Consignment is Time Sensitive:

Your time is very valuable, but you may also have funds tied up in a shipment, and you need a speedy turnaround. Small to medium sized businesses especially, need to be effective with their money and have it working hard. One of the biggest factors to avoid when shipping cargo is delays and a customs broker in Perth can help to minimise these. It can be a terrible feeling to invest time and effort into a consignment and have it sat on the dock because the paperwork isn’t correct. Every day that your shipment is sat there it is costing your business money in penalty charges and tying up essential funds that could be used elsewhere.

3. The Rules of the Game Are Always Changing:

Like many other aspects of our busy lives, the import/export industry is constantly in a state of flux. What may be perfectly legal or handled in a particular way today may not necessarily be treated the same way in the future. Unless one is dedicated to understanding the industry in great detail, it can be easy to miss any crucial changes that occur. Reading trade journals, articles and following legal changes can help, but this takes a lot of time. A professional customs broker has their finger on the pulse, and they will be prepared for any changes that are coming. This will give you peace of mind and a valuable source of advice for your growing business.

If they are looking for an experienced customs broker, Perth business managers should contact us. Here at Australian Postal Brokers, we have a wealth of experience in exporting and importing goods. Our efforts on your behalf will save you time, money and unwanted headaches when navigating importation and exportation procedures. We are the licensed customs broker, Perth businesses need to grow internationally.

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